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Buzz Électrique is a company specializing in electrical construction, and our expertise is based on the experience and skills of our qualified electricians. Our mission is to provide innovative, sustainable and efficient electrical solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Guided by integrity, excellence and customer service, we offer services such as electrical installation, upgrading, lighting, security systems, renewable energy and home automation. 

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We are committed to providing tailor-made solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each project, to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, whether they are residential owners or business managers.

Electrical Construction

We specialize in carrying out high quality electrical installations for new construction projects. Our team of qualified electricians ensures precise planning, careful installation of cables, electrical panels, sockets, switches and lighting. We use top quality materials, complying with current safety standards. Trust our expertise to electrify your new construction efficiently and reliably.

Electrical Renovation

Whether you want to upgrade your outdated electrical system, increase capacity, improve energy efficiency, or meet current safety standards, our team of qualified electricians are here to support you throughout the renovation process. Our electrical renovation process includes the following steps 

We assess the current condition of your electrical system and discuss your specific goals and needs.

Our electrical experts design a detailed plan for the electrical renovation, taking into account safety standards, energy efficiency and your preferences.

We replace old cables, electrical panels, sockets, switches, lighting fixtures and other electrical components with modern equipment that complies with current standards.

If necessary, we increase the capacity of your electrical system to meet growing electricity needs.

Once the installation is complete, we carry out extensive testing to ensure everything is working correctly and safely.

We carry out the necessary finishing touches, such as labeling the circuits and documenting the electrical renovation carried out.

Installation of charging station

For residential and commercial electric vehicles (EV). We offer complete solutions for the installation of charging stations in residential and commercial environments, such as parking lots, shopping centers, hotels and businesses. Electrical power management: We take into account the available electrical capacity and make the necessary adjustments to ensure adequate power to charging stations without compromising the performance of other electrical systems in your commercial establishment.

Installation and upgrade of electrical entrances

We offer comprehensive solutions to ensure reliable and secure power supply.

Our team of qualified electricians ensures professional installation of electrical entrances, respecting safety standards and regulations in force. We assess the specific needs of your building and design a suitable installation, guaranteeing adequate power supply. 

If your building is experiencing overloading issues or you would like to increase the capacity of your existing electrical entrance, we offer upgrade services. We assess the required electrical capacity and make the necessary adjustments to meet your electricity needs.

We attach great importance to electrical safety. When installing or upgrading electrical entry, we ensure that all components are properly installed and protected. We comply with safety standards to ensure safe use and reduce the risk of fire or electrical overload.

Opt for our electrical entrance installation and upgrade service, and ensure a reliable power supply that complies with safety standards. We are committed to providing quality service, respecting the specific needs of your residential or commercial building.

Generator Installation and Maintenance.

Generator installation and maintenance is an essential process in the installation and proper operation of an emergency electrical system. Whether for businesses, critical infrastructure or residences, the installation and regular maintenance of generators guarantee continuous power in the event of a failure of the main electricity network



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